Lot 59 is a unique store with an eclectic spin.
The Lot is filled with a vibrant mix of vintage and current apparel, accessories, unusual design elements, architectural salvage, retro furniture, vinyl records and much more. Lot 59 represents some of the freshest local artisan talent and is the go-to place in New Braunfels if you are seeking something truly original.

We are locally owned by a 5th generation New Braunfelser, Kat Balmos, who is carrying on a family tradition of “up by the bootstraps” persistence and ingenuity that began when her great-great-great-grandfrather, Julius Voelcker, made the treacherous journey from Germany to New Braunfels in 1845. The young pharmacist was only 24 when he sailed across the open ocean toward the promise of free land for settlers in the Texas hill country. After landing, he made his way to New Braunfels shortly after its founding, where he laid claim to Lot 59, built a home there, launched a pharmacy business in the downtown building that now houses the Red Stag, and dug in the roots of a family that is still here almost 170 years and many successful businesses later.

“Lot 59 is my ode to my family, I am proud of who they are and what kind of people they are and were. It’s the culmination of my dream of owning my own store and being my own person, on my own. ”

- Kat Balmos, owner of Lot 59

With support from employees and vendors who “get it,” Kat has created a second home that invites visitors to browse modern and vintage art, clothing, decor, jewelry and a world of surprises. Located in an historic home behind Huisache Grill on Cross Street, Lot 59, is a reflection of her own eclectic tastes, world travels, eye for the arts, and decades of experience in marketing and branding.
It’s a store where every item has a story, where the nostalgia of her great grandparents’ New Braunfels is still alive, where the hustle and bustle and pretention of big cities are a million miles away. It’s a brand within a brand, reflecting Kat’s personal journey to independence, along with her family’s story and New Braunfels’ history.


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